Stream of thought mill: v7

by wickeddarkman on 24 August 2020

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Deck Description

I'm still working on the goal of reliably beating aggro with mill.
I use evolution to perform changes to the deck (basic natural selection)
And play against 4 decks from 2018, affinity, infect, humans and merfolk.
I use these older designs as they have inbuilt resistances against my mill and are stronger than the current meta versions of them.

The deck is built heavily on stream of thought as a reshuffler of key removal cards.

Search for the tag:
Wdm mill guide
To see a closer description of the cards used in it.
There are many updates to those.

Mesmeric orb has been milling increasingly less over the last generations and has been placed in the sideboard. I'm going through the data to see if it is usefull as a sb card against some decks, but that project is far into the future.
Currently this means that I've reverted to more glimpse the unthinkable and a breaking // entering, but I will start testing to see if compelling argument might be what the deck needs in the end, as mill is just the kill and a cycle mill card might be the best way to increase removal.

UPDATE: 31/08/2020:
The rate at which stream of thought let's me redraw a reshuffled card has changed from 1 in 5 games to 1 in 2.6 games (read 1 in three) so every third game I get to redraw a card on average. This change is probably due to having 3 compelling argument in the deck. This means that I will need to embrace mishra's bauble as well at generation 8 just to see how much I can abuse stream of thought.

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Deck discussion for Stream of thought mill: v7

If this is stream of mill why isn’t that your image?

Posted 25 August 2020 at 00:14