Stream of thought mill: v8

by wickeddarkman on 04 September 2020

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Deck Description

I was pretty sure generation 6 would be the major breakthrough in this long long project, but I sometimes try to see if I can improve my procedure.
I tried with small changes at a time, and it turns out small changes takes a hell of a lit longer than cutting 8 cards at a time.

So from this generation and on, I will cut away the 8 worst cards or close to that number each generation.

Finding a way to measure surgical extraction meant I lost all three of them.

The other cards lost were 1 glimpse the unthinkable, 1 merfolk secretkeeper// venture deeper, 1 mind funeral, 1 mindshrieker and 1 simian spirit guide.

This is a mill-deck at the heart of it, but it keeps losing "dumb mill" cards that does nothing but mill, while it has gained a few cards that mill and does other stuff as well.

I'm particularly mournfull at the loss of mindshrieker which is a brilliant card, but somehow won't work in this deck.

I look forward to finding the 8 new cards to add to the deck.

Every second time I cast a stream of thought on average I also draw and play 1 of the cards reshuffled with the stream. In some games I've cast 4 stream of thought even though my deck only has 3. It's a decent little draw engine.

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