The secrets inside 5-0 burn

by wickeddarkman on 06 March 2023

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Deck Description

After combing through the 30 latest 5-0 and 1st place results I've decided to play the above design as a testdeck against my own halfdeck project.

A lot of considerations went into this choice.

I like the design because it returns frequently which is a sign of being solid.

Among the 30 5-0 decks there is also obvious signs of decline in the kuldotha burn designs and that decline is causing people to make wild choices within that burn type, either it's sabotage or it's a general panic, and the above build is walking rather unscathed through all those changes.

The build is also capeable of switching between going face or trying to deal with aggro which is a rather valuable trait. Almost no other designs contain searing blaze in a format where creatures are obviously so present. The build also contains fireblast which together with needle drop stands a chance of bashing down any pesky 5/5.

Unlike many other designs it doesn't make the fatal assumption that you can put 4 artifact lands in a deck and moronically expect that it won't affect your fireblast.

I've looked through many of the different strains and most of them contains a high number of small flaws.

While this isn't how I'd design burn myself, this is a pretty streamlined and timeless build, and since it got 5-0 recently it's what I'll be testing against first.

I might test against a few other burn strains just to make certain that my halfdecks can handle a wider field, but we'll see about that.

I might also write up a detailed guide on the different strains and the obvious flaws within them.

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