The time to mill is now v2

by wickeddarkman on 01 September 2020

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Deck Description

You see those 4 cards missing ?

They are a holding slot for ruin crab.
It costs U, and is a 0/3 crab.
It's ability is landfall, each opponents mills 3.

It's hedron crab beefed up when you don't selfmill.

A while ago I discussed that this build was build in advance by an r&d insider, and was meant to support iceberg cancrix. I wasn't far off as this deck might have all three crabs in the end.

It needs a name though, as a deck and I think it might become uro-crabs.

You saw it first at wickeddarkman...

For those of you following my threads, I gotta say that R&D have really gone overboard with mill this time.

And millers everywhere has noticed. They are out there practicing with older versions of ub mill and crabvine, probably before they get to play with 8 crabs.

Modern will no doubt be swamped with mill, so it is time to take serious notes on builds, because mill have crossed the critical line.

Older builds like lantern mill hasn't been seen for a while, but with eye collector and merfolk windrobber the deck has access to aggression.

Vantress gargoyle and the comming relic golem with these two fliers will open up for a very aggressive type of mill, where the goal is to mill 8 cards before slaughtering begins. This decktype will feed on the presence of graveyard decks, but will succumb to exactly the same hatred.

Uro-mill has been forgotten for a while, but one player is working on bringing it to glory, and I think he will reach it with 8 crabs available.

The weird dredgedeck that's half dredge and half mill will probably also enter the Fray.

The last mill type I've been following is espermill which fell from glory a long time ago.

There's also a new type of milldeck made by mtggoldfish which I don't remember what was made of.

All of these mill-decks will probably be updated and tried during the greatest mill-fest magic has ever seen. History will probably dub it the modern mill winter.

First mill will appear, then reshuffling cards like emrakul will be tried. This will be countered by surgical extraction, which will be countered with relic of progenitus, which will again be countered with extirpate.

Bring it on...

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