"The tolarian trumpet"

by wickeddarkman on 21 September 2022

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Deck Description

If you haven't noticed it, all my decks are "halfdeck" designs. Long before jumpstart I was working at combining two 30 card decks into one. My longterm goal is to use commoncards to defeat modern, so my focus is not always on the pauper world, but because of the harsher meta I do have to pick some pretty versatile cards. It's also a slow project as I let evolution design my builds for me.

My usual warning...
I'm assuming here, that you've seen the signs.
Everytime you post a good deck, 20 other people seem to post something lame.
It's always the same lame decks that for some reason you rarely see at your local store, except in the hands of a newbie.

The same decks over and over, and with some odd card choices in between, that sometimes seem to jump from deck to deck despite the fact that you know that they are crap cards. And somehow, they are just everywhere.

It's simple, really.
Such cards are the visitcards of a spammer.

A spammer uses modern technology to overwhelm the meta with bad decks, decks which he knows he can defeat with his own deck, so if people play them he simply wins more.

The dci event reporter is not exactly safe from this. Anyone can create a tournament, and anyone with patience can build up a fake tournament filled with spam decks.

How do you fight such a monstrous thing ?

You distrust new decklists and play test against anything new with something old and tried. Only by test playing can you develope a feeling for a deck. If you find a flaw in the deck, you can bet that someone is out there, playing the decktype that demolishes the new deck.

Sometimes, deckspammers just spam decks to scare certain decks away. If you play reanimator and every list on the planet seems to contain leyline of the void, then you need to visit your local gamestore as a spectator. See what's played and if you see a fellow reanimater follow them the see what the opponents play.

Saffron olive briefly covered the topic in 2017 with a few examples in his brilliant article: "Wizard's data madness"

During 2018 deckspamming trended and has been growing in proportion since then.

How to Play

while developing "black bell" nested shambler became one of the mutations that actually gained a presence. Then, during a game I had 1 nested shambler, 1 mutagenic growth and 1 nameless inversion in hand, and did 3 damage and gained 6 squirrels on turn 2. I remembered that trumpet Blast was a card that had gotten close at being added to one of the red decks. A quick calculation showed that this would be a turn 3 kill against a goldfish, so I've been thinking a lot about building a squirrel trumpet halfdeck.

Frankly it's a glass jawed giant, which hinges on drawing nested shambler. The rest of the deck can be evolved since there are many ways to boost a few creatures using the old "steroids" approach. Viscera seer is a nice way to kill the shambler, and there are cards that cost 2-3 that really boosts power. Theres an old hybrid spell that mimics nameless inversion by giving a creature +3/-3 and trumpet blast has some alternate reprints as well, so everything except nested shambler is in multiples. It also takes 4 cards to combo over 3 turns which is actually pretty reliable except the lack of 4 more nested shamblers.

So why bother ?

Well, evolution has taken an interest in nested shambler, and when evolution gains a focus on something, I feed it with cards that have synergy with that focus.

So turbo evolving a halfdeck based on nested shambler might give me some new cards to feed into the cardpool, and usually evolution will then twist the whole thing beyond recognition and leaves me in awe at the radical but efficient result.

I've added 3 turn combos to the project before, but most of the time those combos are torn apart and only a few remnants remain. The result is always a much less vulnerable halfdeck, where the combo happens during a few long games.

The overall idea of squirrel trumpet can be launched with other creatures than nested shambler and I have a bunch of ideas on how to develop it, like ornithopter, burning-tree Emissary and street wraith and manamorphose.

Trumpet Blast could work very well with ornithopter and Emissary and they also work with mutagenic growth and nameless inversion.

The decktype will likely be weak against removal heavy builds, but I've seen evolution fix problems like that a number of times, so I feel that it will be worth it to take a small look at squirrel trumpet as a halfdeck. If it works, I'll add it to my reserves list.

It's my goal to cut away the weakest performers from the project, and so, the reserves list is a way to replenish the ranks.

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