The tools of our trolls

by wickeddarkman on 12 August 2020

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Deck Description

I know mtgvault is targeted by one or more trolls who continually sabotage this place. Most trolls take no real interest in the place but uses old posts to Swamp over any new posts.

This explains why there is a constant flow of decks being copied over and over in this place.

I'm gathering up data on the different tools that trolls have available, in order to track the general behaviour.

This suspicion is not new, to me, and is part of why I want to create a community (the nfo) that ignores the top decks, because it's pretty much a blend of trolls and newbies and it can be very hard to distinguish between those two. To learn about the nfo search for the decktag: nfo

This was my major motivation for building a sub community independent of the top deck lists. But as long as people stick to those, we will be troll victims.


Copy/pasting decks:
The easy way for a troll to push out the users of mtgvault is to collect a number of decks that the can copy and then paste frequently. Sometimes if the troll is in a rush, they forget to delete the text that says a deck is a copy, so you can see that the same user has copied their own deck. That is the first sign of troll activity in here.

Multiple accounts:
To cover their tracks and take of the heat of a discovered account, the troll may shift to another account and use the same technique again under another name.
This does leave another trail, where the troll gets more and more decks listed, but has no reputation because the troll usually doesn't get involved with the forum.
Multiple accounts are usually a weakness trollhunters can exploit, because trolls are generally just as lazy as the average human. They tend to use the login of an account with the same username as the password to avoid having to remember too much or be forced to write it down. If you want to learn what the troll is working on you can usually log into one of these accounts and take a look. How does the troll remember all of those account names? He uses a couple of keywords that he builds into decks on each account. By searching for these key phrases the troll can then see all the accounts. This also means that someone keeping a close look on new decks can figure these keywords out.

By using the feature "follow" on everyone, a troll can accumulate a wast library of old members in mtgvault. This gives access to another means of plastering the forum over when the troll wants to be obnoxious. By searching for decks with 0 upvotes, the troll can "oldvote" to fill up the small space we have left for new decks to be visible. When some hapless user then upvotes the ancient deck it reinforces the effect as the deck is then brought to the top of the forum once more.
This technique is used the most when the troll tries to be less visible, as upvotes in here cannot be traced. Since mtgvault Mark's new decks you can focus on reading new decks and then go through the old ones later when you are bored.

Hacking obvious accounts:
Some old accounts of abandoned users have rather simple passwords. Usually sharing the same account name and password, which means the troll can nest up in an identity that's already made. A sudden surge in old decks being updated might mean a troll has found a new account to toy with.

Mentioning that trolls are here:
If a place know it has trolls, the troll frequently uses a number of accounts to mention how the troll is a bad thing. This creates the illusion of innocence on those accounts. The troll can also use several accounts that states "don't feed the trolls" which is a clever ruse to stop anyone from fighting them. The troll will usually advice people to stick to themselves which will divide the place it haunts, because others usually join in on the isolation theme.

Close timelines: the troll usually have a boost of activity, and rarely bothers to use different timelines to cover their trails. Trolls are therefore spotable when they use several accounts within short time.

Troll psychology usually tells you that the troll has an inferiority complex, that drives them to belittle others to show how smart they are. Magic is a game for smart people
So the troll targets the game to belittle smarter than average people, but either doesn't play the game or has little success in playing it which is the motivation for lashing out in hate. The troll has probably developed its tools for hating through consistent attempts at being annoying while trying not to be discovered.

The troll needs to hide because direct conversation with someone smart will reveal that it isn't very smart at all, more an annoyance and this hurt it's confidence.

At least one of the trolls really identifies himself as a troll.

Having multiple accounts the troll is able to upvote his own decks and wants people to see how "smart" he is, this makes for a hilarious dichotomy as the troll throws together some junky deck because he's too busy trolling to be good at deckbuilding. This deck then gets lots of likes from his other accounts. Everyone can see the deck is mediocre and yet it harvest a bunch of likes to make it stand out.

I thought it might work out if we became the underground rebels, leaving the surface mechanics to the trolls, so it becomes just an empty surface with trolls only.
We bunk down until the trolls leave, in search of new victims, then we resurface. Whenever trolls appear we go to this community bunker, and eventually all trolls will see that they are beaten.

Whatever the troll does, you are probably smarter in all cases, which you should remember.

Usually exposure will be enough to send a troll running.

Expect to see lots of decks being suddenly posted whenever this post hits the top.
Notice carefully who does the majority of posts.

Smart of me, huh!

Troll killer darkman...

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Deck discussion for The tools of our trolls

This is sad to bad I’m a troll at heart and refuse to take your side

Posted 20 August 2020 at 22:37


I do have you as a suspect :)
I used to be a different kind of troll than other trolls, which is why I usually spot potential troll behaviour.
Our many chats all over the place has been a kind of trolling on it's own.
One thing in particular that triggers my suspicions of you, is how you rarely upvote comments.

But at least you are one to talk with, which is why I wont hunt you down at the moment.
Recognizing the problem of chatting to the top is one reason why I want this place not to feature the decks that get comments. At least it should take a couple of upvotes. We get notifications anyways :)

Posted 20 August 2020 at 22:53