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by wickeddarkman on 07 October 2020

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UPDATE: 03/11/2020:
It took 27 day to root out the 5 worst performing cards of this deck. The new version has been posted, and I've only got a few comments left on the first run.
I did the run with twice as many games as I usually do, and I also put up a new kind of roadblock for evolution. I put up a "only one card removed from each group of copies" so if all 4 bloodmoons were marked as useless, only 1 would be removed. I've been through many designs where a card is reintroduced and suddenly works well, so I've figured that a break system might lead to a faster developement, but only time will tell if it works as intended. My flagship, the newest mill I had, was beaten to a pulp 70% of the 20 games I had, but now that I'm working on this hateful deck, I expect to build in more immunity in my next wave of mill decks. My aggro oriented mill and my wall mill all performed better than expected, especially the wall deck which was a less developed version because the original work was hiding from me.
This ends generation 0 of my mill hate deck ;)

UPDATE: 30/10/2020:
23 Days into this project and I'm at the final stage, where I am about to face my most recent build of mill. So far lantern mill was the most dangerous deck for RW prison to face, but also the most easy deck to hate. Traditional mill got crushed, and the two versions of aggro mill were both winning 45% of the matches. Overall it seems the general answer to all the matchups seems to be adding phyrexian revoker to the deck, but I think speed may also do a lot, so æther vial will be tested as well. From there, it's pretty unclear what will be good for the build. I want to keep it as close to the original hybrid as possible, so adding more of the original stuff to the deck seems like the best choice. My top contender at that point is eldrazi displace which can exploit thraben inspector by going draw engine, and it can also save the leonins and avens or even the moons and stall the opponent. Overall it has been a nasty fight with RW prison as the main winner, so I expect the match against my stream of thought mill to be quite exiting. One final thought remains on the prison design. Since it is a reshuffling deck, that constantly reshuffles it's own graveyard, I might be able to figure out how to make that part of the deck even stronger. By using relic of progenitus it's possible to to pick out the cards you don't want reshuffled. I will also consider the relatively new pyromancer that when it comes into play makes you discard two cards. This may let the deck exploit the reshuffling much earlier and more frequent. As a last thing, I will track the reshuffled cards in the upcoming battle to track how the reshuffling affects the overall way the deck runs.

UPDATE: 24/10/2020:
I'm 17 days into this project and more than halfways through it. I've played against 4 very different types of mill and have 3 more to test against. I've been up against an older version of my wall-mill that won 20% of the time, mostly because it was capable of putting a strong defence down and then used several archive trap and a relic of progenitus to win. Mostly it lost to nahiri+emrakul. I'm halfway through games against shrieker-mill which is more or less a control deck that can mill with mindshrieker, but it generally wins through aggression. So far it wins 40% of the time. One interesting thing through all of this was to see the resistance of the decks
Through the lenses of history. The decks that I've adapted most against moon and taxes are those that win the most. Compared to my own builds, classic UB-mill is amateurish with a 5% winrate. The last mill I have to test against is my stream of thought mill, which has the most updated test rate against moon and taxes. That is a battle I look forward to. But before that, I have to go through ten more games against shriekmill and 20 games against another deck that used to be esper mill, but evolved into an esper control deck with mindshrieker. So far this deck is smashing most mill to a pulp, which is it's purpose, and I'll take great care in selecting cards that support the overall essence of RW-Prison and death&taxes while hating mill even more. It will be the perfect killer to train my future mill-decks against.

UPDATE: 18/10/2020:
I've finished results against my own landdestruction mill: the deck above won all 20 battles. It uncovered a lot of weaknesses in the build, and added lots of interesting data. I can't wait to test the other mill-decks. It might be an onslaught, but there are lots of lessons to be learned. I should have fine tuned this evil a long time ago.

UPDATE: 17/10/2020:
Battles against lantern control were tremendous torture, but I got through it.
This deck wins 20% of the games against lantern control.
But, lantern won a majority of games through pithing needle, and when I start to add new cards, putting phyrexian revoker in the deck seems obvious as d&t has done that before..

This is partially an old prison deck that originated from around 2018. In 2020 I updated the deck to include d&t tech, with the goal of testing the manabase of my mill.

I will now update it to become a testdeck against mill in general, as I have many mill-designs lying around, so there's a good basis for making the deck into the best millhating deck around.

This means that there are some details that need to be addressed within this design.

First of, it's capable of really hating fetchlands, but at the beginning of the game and during the lategame it will be possible to play your own fetchlands, to thin out the deck and increase your chances of drawing what you need. Since we are dealing with mill here, the elephant in the room will be archive trap! But they need both archive trap and surgical extraction in their opening hand because of our eldrazi reshufflers, we have the odds in our favor at the opening of the game to play fetchlands unpunished, and later when we can lock down their mana enough to know they can't play the trap. So a certain amount of fetch will be possible to thin out the deck and make things happen.

Do you open with arbiter/mindcensor or with the moon ?
If you open with the moon, you will close down your tax-tech.
Since the taxes part of the deck allows you to go into landdestruction mode, it would be reckless to start out with a moon. The arbiter/mindcensor solution already hates fetchlands well enough to cause trouble for anyone with fetchlands, so moons are sort of an emergency backup plan. This means that I will not only use cleansing wildfire as a means of landdestruction, but may even go all in by playing geomancer's gambit as well. I know others are working on wildfire taxes, so I will go there too.

If I decide to land a moon, it will at best cripple the mill, and at worst cripple myself and help the mill. Over the years I've been working on grixis mill where all my duals are red, and I have plenty of islands and swamps, so some of my mill designs will actually give a damn about the moon. I will be testing lantern control and classic ub mill where the moon will negate all the special lands in the decks, and I know classic ub mill is really strained against moons, which is how I actually ended up building this monstrosity.

Thalia of thraben is also quite a hindrance to mill, but she also dislikes bloodmoon, our own landdestruction spells and our planeswalkers. This is part of the reason why this deck has so many lands, and it's an old rw-prison trick to use simian spiritguide to cheat thalia early. I will be testing in Depths how many bloodmoon and how many magus of the moon is most efficient with her around. Since the moon is a backup plan, there is a chance that this scenario won't happen too often. The planeswalkers usually hit the table at turn 4, but thalia may end up delaying them for a turn.
I haven't really tested the quantities of the planeswalkers a lot, so there might be some room for other stuff if they lose some copies.

I've also never seen how destructive ajani can manage to be, regarding the creatures involved, but I met decks around 2018 with 4 of him in the maindeck, and he did kill my crabs, which is one of many reasons why I began to focus on crab less designs myself. He may be so efficient that some of the path to exile may be cut. In my own mill designs I've focussed on other creatures (oona's prowler, merfolk secretkeeper , , , shriekmaw and mindshrieker) so it will be fun to see how many copies he end at.

Nahiri, the harbinger serves more purposes than just serving the eldrazi. She can take care of fraying sanity, large parts of lantern mill, and aggressive creatures. I might work on adding something to the deck that taps creatures or artisfacts just to make her hate crabs as well. The problems with nahiri narrows down to arbiter/mindcensor. Arbiter can be played around as you have 4 mana, but Mindcensor is a but harsher. It's possible to do a risky search of only 4, but you'd need to rebuild nahiri's loyalty to ultimate again. This makes nahiri playable, but will be a hindrance.

Like I've stated, I might add geomancers gambit. I'll also add extra copies of the cards that work the best, and I will strive to get more room for a couple of things.

Relic of progenitus is what stopped mill from dominating in 2018. Few know this, but it hated away surgical extraction and snapcaster mage, and still manages to do so. Back in 2018 archive trap was frequently replayed through snapcastet which was why visions of beyond was included in the decks. These days I still wonder why people in mtgvault continuously list the card in their decks at times where dredge, reanimate, living end and many other decks are hated away via mainboard cards. It's a conundrum ;) anyways I want to add this card if I can make room for it. One trick might be to fetch it with nahiri if it becomes necessary.

Leyline of sanctity is good against discard and against mill. Since some millers often try to discard their troubles away, the leyline will block them. A blend of leyline and nahiri will make sure that millers will start tearing out their own hair in chunks.

Direfleet daredevil is pretty mean spirited against mill. You hold it back in hand until they play their first surgical extraction, then you steal it and use it to take out all of their other surgical extractions and win by reshuffling. If they've depleted both of you with mesmeric orb you can also abuse one of their archive traps to kill them. Direfleet daredevil may also increase the level if aggression of the deck.

Some players my think that to build a testdeck like this, will only result in me beating my own mill-decks, so why go through all that self punishment?

The answer is that I've beaten my past testdecks before, and that I usually design my testdecks based on cards that are already seen frequently in the meta, so I have to be prepared for them anyways. I also learn how to play around the nastiest of the stuff, so it's sort of a training ground for my "gut reactions"

Another reason for building this testdeck is as a show of skill.
If you know someone playing mill, you should feel free to proxy this deck and beat them to a pulp with it, and your excuse for doing so will be, "wickeddarkman" trains his skills as a miller on this, so it will be a test of how good your mill really is...

Let me know when they manage to defeat it, and I'll update it against them ;)

UPDATE: 10/10/2020: (Hey, nice doomsday date, can't believe no cult saw it)
Testing against traditional ub mill and is recklessly walking all over it. Having two different reshufflers is actually holding back a deck with 4 surgical extraction and 2 crypt incursion. The interaction between ajani (tap a permanent) and nahiri (exile tapped creature or artifact) is allowing emrakul to repeatedly walk over the bridges. It's simply a one way onslaught. Currently things are less about the mana, and more about killing the mill, so magus of the moon is currently played above blood moon.
Mill is hard pressed at emptying its hand below 2, so practically all the creatures cross over and strike. It's amazing to see how useless visions of beyond is in these matchups. At first I tried to not cast them to draw lots of cards later, but that meant the bridges were wide open so I've reverted to cast them early and they work better at fixing the mana, which is something compelling argument could do just as well.
An unexpected detail was how mill could actually fight back at the arbiter/mindcensor trick through its own ghostquarters, so that strategy can backfire. Another unexpected detail is that at some games where I only start out with 1 land, I miss the feeling of having æthervial to fall back on. Since aven Mindcensor has so far been less usefull, I might add æthervial to the list of cards to try out after the first culling of weak cards in the deck. Ub mill did manage to surgical extract both of the reshuffling eldrazi, but the last reshuffle makes the prisondeck gain just enough library to survive until it wins. That happened twice in 6 games. I play the mill as if it knows what it's playing against which means I'm holding back on the large mill until the reshufflers are gone.

Manic scribe and ruin crab does manage to both hold back the aggro and mill a lot.
In one case I even used hedron crab to selfmill so I could make manic scribe mill during upkeep. In exceptionally few cases have I felt the need to use nahiri/ajani to exile mesmeric orb, as the eldrazi reshufflers have bought me time enough to just kill with aggro. So far I haven't had any of the eldrazi brought into play by nahiri.

Crypt incursion can be quite a shock as it potentially can remove as many eldrazi reshufflers as there is put in the grave from the same mill. So far this hasn't happened during the 7 first games, but it was a close call 1 game where I was lucky having emrakul in hand, so only ulamog got snatched, but the potential means that even two eldrazi reshufflers isn't always enough. So far the odds have been in the prisons favor. Still the obvious ways to fight Crypt incursion are leyline of sanctity and relic of progenitus, which are already mentioned several times.

Ub-Mill managed to win one game out of 20. Not a good rate ;)
Battles against lantern control have been initiated, and it won first game.
Pyxis of pandemonium removes the reshufflers while pithing needle locks down the planeswalkers. This means it's up to the creature base to handle this battle. The arbiter/mindcensor part coupled with field of ruin, ghostquarters and cleansing wildfire are very good when they get in use as lantern has few lands. Magus of the moon really locks down their mana and it's a race on who gets their lock into play.
So far it's a standstill with intriguing gameplay as I've only played two out of the needed 20 games.

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