combat tricks evolved

by wolfman101 on 01 August 2020

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Deck Description

There are 3 sleeper cards in this that I never see. Unleash Fury, Fire Urchin, and Goblin Wizardry. This deck regularly deals 30-40 damage attacks from single creatures on the board, but is weak against many top tier decks unless you get a Season of Growth or two to stick.

How to Play

Turn 4 win can be achieved in the following way:
Turn 1: land
Turn 2: land + Fire Urchin
Turn 3: whatever
Turn 4: 2x (infuriate/giant growth), then Unleash Fury

Trample ensures that unless removed at instant speed you are dealing a ton of damage to face.

Turn 5+ win with any other creature and same cards. Season of growth allows a minor amount of staying power vs control decks.

Goblin Wizardry is an MVP. You get to flash in 2 prowess goblins and if you already have Season of Growth down then they are absolute powerhouses.

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Deck discussion for combat tricks evolved

This seems like a stonker of a best of one deck. It could get run over by some of the faster aggro builds, but also can battle them in combat as your spells grant toughness, and i don't see any control deck ever anticipating wizardry if its the first game, i can see why that card is an mvp.

The only downside i can see is a lack of haste to use spells that are in your hand the turn you draw a threat after being wiped, though anex might help with that? and honestly i don't really know what you would cut for an edge case card like that in a best of one deck

Posted 03 August 2020 at 15:22


Simian spiritguide to increase the speed (turn 3 kills)
Vexing shusher to battle counterspells.
Apostle's blessing to fight control.

Posted 03 August 2020 at 21:48


Right, but would you put those in the side? (as they did not make a sideboard i assumed they didn't use them). If they go in the main, what do you cut without hurting the consistency of the deck?

Posted 04 August 2020 at 14:00


The three sleeper cards he never sees ?

Posted 04 August 2020 at 21:12