[EDH] It's "Group Hug" Guys

by XxGrimm157xX on 25 September 2020

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Deck Description

An updated version of an older deck i used to play, made some changes after seeing what did and didn't work,
We want to make opponents draw/discard and well..die have alot of mana doublers to get those huge x spells like exsanguinate and torment of hailfire, peer into the abyss is one of the newer cards when its cast with underworld dreams, someone is usually dead, vito and exqusite blood work with sanguine bond so we have alot of ways to win, tons of removal and board wipes have to keep board clean from any annoyances

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  • EDH
  • Commander
  • Mono Black
  • Group Hug
  • Discard

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