Modern Artifact Control

by 4554551// on 05 September 2011

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Deck Description

Please comment, especially on SB.
Artifact control/lock-down for modern.
Stop them doing anything with artifacts of varying cmc, then kill with a couple big punches.

More designed against aggro, will probably sideboard more counter magic for control/combo.

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Deck discussion for Modern Artifact Control

I have an artifact based Lock-down deck, its a completely original idea.

Check it out.

Deck link:

Posted 05 September 2011 at 10:02


This is an original one too, all my decks are.
I'm just trying to do something with artifacts for modern and this seems to work better then my tempered steel aggro which I didn't even bother uploading.

Posted 05 September 2011 at 10:16


You should use 4x Seat of the Synod. Blue artifact lands. counts as artifacts for Tezzeret's abilities.

- 0: search for artifact land. :)

Posted 05 September 2011 at 10:17


Thanx, but all artifact lands except darksteel citadel are banned in modern.

Posted 05 September 2011 at 10:20


Ahh, I've never played modern format. Dont know why they would ban them.

Posted 05 September 2011 at 10:26


Well anyway, check out my deck and let me know what you think.

Posted 05 September 2011 at 10:43


I think yours is a very fun deck to play.

Modern is still in it's infancy and the lands are banned because they enable affinity and metal-craft. The latter was never intended to be used with the lands. The lands were actually banned back when they were standard due to affinity being just so damn powerful

Posted 05 September 2011 at 10:45


looks like a cool build

- move 4xpithing needle to sideboard, they are dead cards 99% of the time.
- counterspell isn't legal
- you will always want a chalice on 1 against aggro decks which means you should not play 1CC spells main board yourself or you create dead cards in your own deck.
- You should play academy ruins
- I think you'll need to be able to accelerate into Tezzeret faster if you want to make the deck better. Now you'll loose to combo decks and 12post with little or no interaction.
- shackels is strong in a control heavy build, your deck isn't that control heavy IMO and you'll have a hard time stealing Tarmogoyfs and Knights of the Reliquary with your shackels.

Posted 05 September 2011 at 11:20


It's the want for advice like that that made me want to post this deck in the first place. Thank you. Any advice on what to replace needles with?
I love running them, at the very least I can needle their fetch lands. Stuffs zoo quite considerably.

Posted 05 September 2011 at 13:35


A while back I ran needles main in legacy but there was just a lot more to hit back then (this was pre mental misstep), This was when Survival of the Fittest was still legal, also you have wasteland and pernicious deed and Jace and much more Aether Vial then is popular in Modern.

The Modern meta isn't defined that well yet and so far the top decks are Zoo, Affinity, 12post, Doran Rock and maybe Pyromancer Ascension brews. Non of these decks get hurt bad by needle. They run enough mana to survive needle on fetchland and you need to get lucky guessing which fetchland to needle. You can't play needle with a fetchland on the board and hope they won't respond by fetching.
Aether Vial isn't really hot, yet, I think... Well Merfolk will play it but Merfolk is not that great a deck with zoo around (= real bad matchup). Grim lavamancer and knight of the reliquary can be hit but the impact isn't overwhelming and I wouldn't even side them in for those targets. Good targets are planeswalkers , engineered explosives and equipment.

I'm not sure what you should play instead but you need speed. Tezzeret overrun can win games but maybe Tezzeret Agent of Bolas is just better and quicker. And running black opens up other options like Dark Confidant and better removal like Deathmark.

Posted 05 September 2011 at 15:26