Ferocious Spellslinger/ Budget

by Andarious on 27 February 2019

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Deck Description

Synergy with Ferocious spells. Tons of extra value with beastly creatures and a low/lean curve.

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How to Play

Get out a creature on turn 2 or 3, then begin burning away, or locking down opponents creatures as you beat face moving forward. Also includes a very effective counterspell.

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  • Budget
  • Modern
  • Izzet

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Deck discussion for Ferocious Spellslinger/ Budget

I like it!

Now that you mention it, Ferocious does work quite well with Kiln Fiend!
+1 like!

Posted 28 February 2019 at 08:24


Added a description and gave you a credit. Thanks. This is a fun little deck that I think has very explosive potential. I was considering swapping Staggershock for Distortion Strike, but I'm torn on it. Staggershock can finish a game if someone locks out attacking as an option by means other than creatures, but Distortion Strike can get me past hexproof. Maybe I'll go 2 and 2, or trim some other card and make it a bunch of 3 ofs.

Posted 28 February 2019 at 09:50


Quite good points, keep up the good work!

Posted 01 March 2019 at 09:35