Geralf, the Fleshwright

by Andarious on 30 March 2024

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Deck Description

saw this card get spoiled. Had to build a version of it. Using the current commander as a stand in until the spoiled one is available.

How to Play

(2)U for a 2/3 Human Warlock
Whenever you cast a spell during your turn other than your first spell that turn, create a 2/2 blue and black Zombie Rogue creature token.
Whenever a Zombie enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on it for each other Zombie that entered the battlefield under your control this turn.

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NOTE: Set by owner when deck was made.

Card Legality

  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Not Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
  • Not Legal in Legacy

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