Hybrid Black: Zombie Horde

by Andarious on 18 May 2019

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Deck Description

Zombies in the ROOM!

Zombie tribal, synergy and value for days.

How to Play

Flood the board with Zombies, be careful not to overdo the Death Baron or Midnight Reaper(s) though, just hold onto extras if you have them. Augment this army with Planeswalkers by adding Menace to your expendable Deathtouch creatures, and possibly buffing them each time they deal damage to an opponent, or further enhancing your card draw when they die. Sacrifice lands in excess of 5 when you cast Bontu, as he'll likely draw you back up to your 6th and this deck runs on 6 mana, for Lilly.

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  • Legal in Standard
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  • Legal in Vintage
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