Pestulant Life

by Andarious on 23 February 2018

Main Deck (60 cards)

Sideboard (15 cards)

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Planeswalkers (2)

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Deck Description

Undying Creatures are there to generate counter. Yahenni really helps with that, by being a sac outlet.

Winding Constrictor, and Hardened Scales enhance those counters.

Retribution of the Ancients exploits undying by turning your guys into evil Care Bears who work together to vaporize their opposition as long as it's targetable by a black source. This can be used as removal, protection for your own guys (to avoid removal), or just a way to replace a counter stack with a larger one.

Abrupt Decay, Maelstrom Pulse, and Beast Within are for dealing with threats.

Tireless Tracker benefits from Hardened Scales and Winding Constrictor, while providing counters if necessary for the kill move, but mostly I'd just let him get as big as he can while providing a draw-per-land.

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  • Modern
  • Undying
  • Golgari
  • +1/+1 Counters

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

Deck discussion for Pestulant Life

I would like some advice on ways to tune this deck a bit while keeping it Modern, and not making it cost more. I really enjoy the style and tricks, so I'd rather not lose them.

Posted 26 February 2018 at 14:54