Timmy Green

by Andarious on 01 March 2018

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Big creatures... REALLY big creatures that is, and they get bigger, sometimes really fast. Use that with Trample to beat face.

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Deck discussion for Timmy Green

Based on my reading of your decklist, it seems you seem to be focused on mana ramping with forests and using 3 different creatures as your "beaters" (2 of which are treefolk). Without getting lands out quickly, those treefolk wont do much for you. but if you want to narrow in on them and mana ramping some more....:

24+ Treefolk Creatures
8-12 Landfetch Sorcery/Instants/Shaman creatures (keep them 3 mana or less)
4-8 Cards for the win condition (ex. Overwhelming Stampede, Door of Destiny,Rancor)

1cmc (4): Treefolk Harbinger (Library searching)
2cmc (4): Bosk Banneret (Cost reductions)
3cmc (4): Dungrove Elder (scaling damage based on forests)
4cmc (8): Dauntless Daurbark (scaling damage based on forests), Unstopable Ash (Champions a weaker treefolk and adds a bonus)
5cmc (4): Timber Protector (treefolk lord)
= 24 Creatures

Edit: Just realized this would basically be a complete rebuild. I apologize, I get obsessed over tribal themed decks.

Posted 01 March 2018 at 23:25


I do love me some tribal as well. It would be good to thin the top end here a bit for sure, and add some more early forest generation but I don't want to go all-in and have no removal. Might trade the Winds for some more ramp though. Lots to be done for that.

Posted 02 March 2018 at 00:40