by Angatjuh on 22 January 2023

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I wanted to add some cards to my collection to make casual construction with my collection easier and more fun. I made this deck with some of the cards I ordered, mainly empyrean eagle, and added some basics cards from my collection.

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  • Budget
  • Casual
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  • Azorius
  • Flying
  • Tempo

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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Deck discussion for Flying

Favorable Winds and some dual-lands, like Brokers Hideout, Azorius Guildgate or Tranquil Cove, could be an option for this deck.

Posted 24 January 2023 at 20:43


Hey Muktol, thanks for the feedback! Favorable winds, I am not so sure. I think I want to keep as many slots open for creatures as possible. The lands are certainly a good point, to be honost I kinda forgot them. I have some dual lands lying around, but I do need to optimize the ratio.

Posted 25 January 2023 at 21:08