Red White Burn

by ashatz on 20 March 2009

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Deck Description

I love playing red, however, when I play burn, usually my biggest enemies are decks with prot red. This deck uses the opposites of white and red, Oblivion Ring / Path to Exile along with familiar burn cards to straight up kill. I had four Figure of Destinies already, so I kinda made the deck around them. Along with the figures comes the Balefire liege with his amazing abilities to pump my creatures and deal damage/gain life, Hells Thunder and Hellspark Elemental, two cheap and fast killing cards that can unearth. I also added in Moonhold in order to stall potential creature/land playing.

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Deck discussion for Red White Burn

out with fiery fall, in with Spark Elemental or Ball Lightning or Rakka Mar. two more copies of hell's thunder would be nice.

Good Luck, kung-fu_elmo

PS: plz take a look at my "Undying Annoyances" deck and give me some advice. thx :)

Posted 20 March 2009 at 17:28


Lightning bolt should replace shock

Posted 03 June 2017 at 15:24