Pauper Mana Tax

by Awesomenose on 10 July 2016

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Deck Description

This is a Pauperized version of visno's Mana Tax: How to annoy anyone, and works almost as well as the original.

How to Play

Get your lockdown cards (Paralyze, Slow Motion, Psychic Venom, Contaminated Ground, Seizures, Power Taint) out early before your opponent has a chance to pay for anything. Cast Rhystic Study and your creatures last because the other cards are more important earlier on.

Card Reasons:

Disruptive Pitmage, Disruptive Student, Vodalian Mage: These creatures essentially make your opponents' spells cost 1 more to cast. Doubled up they are especially nasty.

Contaminated Ground, Psychic Venom: These enchantments make your opponents' pay life to avoid their spells being countered, you drawing cards, or... paying life. HAH!

Paralyze, Slow Motion: Your creature removal. Slow Motion comes back to you, so you can just enchant every creature in sight.

Power Taint, Seizures: Your main win cons. These pair nicely with Contaminated Ground and Psychic Venom.

Rhystic Study: A very powerful draw engine in this deck. Your opponent will seldom pay the 1 mana to prevent you from drawing cards.

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  • Pauper
  • Dimir
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  • Not Legal in Standard
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