Modern Goblins

by berkner on 12 August 2012

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Deck Description

quick build of a very agressive modern goblin deck either over run him with tons a buch of goblins battle cryed or bushwacked or simply burn them with your spells or do both faithless looting to remove any unwanted cards or to get better goblins or to remove excedends of lands...

i just need to find something better then faithless looting

How to Play

do not keep a hand with more then 2 lands

play goblins and attack when you think you wont loose them all

use your removal wisely

battlecry hurts very much with goblin loyalist thanks to the tample

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  • Tribal
  • Modern
  • Aggro
  • Red
  • RDW
  • Goblin
  • Fast
  • red deck win
  • Cheap
  • unexpensive

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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Deck discussion for Modern Goblins

Nice deck ,
Deck link:

Posted 12 August 2012 at 18:01


i like it i just built a goblin horde deck. counters haste first strike and mountain walk.i like it my friends not so much. if you have any advice on mine i would appreciate it

Posted 06 April 2013 at 05:40


I would run Dangerous Wager over Faithless looting, seeing how if you have no other cards in your hand its a simple draw two. I would also switch out the lightning bolts for Raid Bombardment seeing as all the creatures are lower power in this deck.

Also seeing how the deck is namely tribal, i'd sideboard coat of arms. As long as you're not facing another tribal deck, it can be a HUGE game changer

Posted 19 June 2013 at 20:39


dangerous wager is a good idea but it is a little expensive coat of arms is really expensive considering that you will RARELY have more the 3 lands and when you do you are flooded and for the same reason i am not playing raid bombardment because by the time you get 3 land you should be at the kill...

Posted 20 June 2013 at 07:23