Pauper, Abzan Pestilence

by bloodymary on 05 January 2016

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Deck Description

Oi mates me again this time with a new brew.

This time around we're taking a look at pestilence/rats and how we can abuse these effects. Like most decks using these we rely on basic protection from black, along with the circle to protect ourself if we come too close to the flame. Something different this version does is dig with green featuring both Abundant Growth and Commune with the Gods to filter and dig for Pestilence.

"But bloody?" I here you asking "wouldn't this fuck u the already weird af manabase?" the answer to that is "semi" we run a lot of slow tap lands, which might matter against quick decks like burn, goblins, etc. However we still run 13+4 evolving black sources, thus 17 of our 21 lands could in theory be black, along with that we run Abundant Growth for card draw and fixing, if we need it.

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Deck discussion for Pauper, Abzan Pestilence

Ahh, I am that kinda guy to ask the question you asnwered in the description, but that aside. I will argue that you will, quite likely, be low on life by the time you start using your boardwipes. With so few creatures to block and only 4 removal spells and 3 colors it might be quite difficult to stabilize, let alone live long enough to do so. And while the circle and the wall will stem the bleeding, a single kill spell or enough aggression might very likely just get you dead before you untap on turn 5 or 4. And that's not mentioning that the rats may well die before you get to use them.
This however, would only be a problem vs aggro decks with removal (if at all), so not that big of a prolem I suppose.

The only thing I'd propse is cutting Shelter for either a blocker or a kill spell or something, not sure what though. I mean, it does make it so that rats can live TO wipe the board or live AND wipe the board, and it can protect the wall, but having the mana and the time might be difficult with this mana base.

I love the deck though, 3 colors to dif for the enchants and fiing with Abundant Growth? LOVE IT!

PS: You have "we rely on basic protection from RED" preeety sure that should be black :D

Posted 15 December 2016 at 20:54


Thanks again for your feedback and pointing out I said red instead of black.

This deck doesn't really struggle against aggro, most aggro decks in pauper (either elves of goblins) don't really pack a removal package outside of maybe a bolt for goblins. even if they get us down to lets say 10/8 we just wipe the board for a measly 2 and unless they have melodies in hand they can not recover from that, they could bolt our face tho but if that were the case they would've done it to begin with.

My Orzhov version used dark rituals to rap it out and I'm tempted to put it in but afraid it will most of the times turn out useless in a 3 color deck but I might try it after I get this going

Posted 15 December 2016 at 22:06