Pauper: Bant Turbo Fog

by bloodymary on 14 September 2016

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Deck Description

Hey guys Bloodymary here once again with another pauper brew.

The Idea is simple get an Jace's Erasure and just fog and draw cards until your opponent is milled to death. I chose to play bant because of Dawn Charm "Counter target spell that targets you" (protects agains P-drake combo with blaze like spells, and from black's hand disruption, and because that opens Muddle the Mixture up to become a tutor for Circle of Protection: Red because this deck does hit some bumps while playing against burn.

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Deck discussion for Pauper: Bant Turbo Fog

Ethereal Haze - {W} to prevent all creature based damage for a turn, not just combat damage like Holy Day / Fog.
Lull / Angelsong - Fogs that have cycling. I like having options, that's why I like Dawn Charm so much.
Tangle - A fog that stops the creatures from untapping once. So effectively Fogs for two turns.
Ponder / Preordain - Two of the best cantrips in the game. Also triggers Jace's Erasure.
Hallow - Worth considering for sideboard. Why just prevent the damage, when you can prevent it and gain life?

Posted 14 September 2016 at 05:49


Oi mate thx for the feedback

I would play Ethereal Haze if the mana base could handle it,
Lull/Angelsong are 2 mana fogs without add on effects which is pretty terrible even if the cycling powers Erasure.
Tangle - I already run two main board and 1 side board......
Ponder/Preordain both indeed in the top 3 cantrips in the format however this deck is not looking for a simple cantrips it is looking for mass card draw, especially mid to late game that's why everybody just plays Brainstorm as cantrip in turbo fog (because it draws 3) and apart from that Take Inventory, Accumulated Knowledge, Words of Wisdom etc.
Hallow, the only spell damage I have to worry about is red and Muddle the Mixture can tutor for Circle of Protection: Red meaning we basically play 7 Circle of Protection: Red post side and since we can reuse them as much as we want they beet Hallow.

Posted 14 September 2016 at 05:58