Pauper: Evil Never Dies

by bloodymary on 07 March 2016

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Deck Description

A simple, yet useful sultai deck crafted to outlast your opponent. This deck is pure mid/late-game value and we strife to go that route with creatures like Young Wolf and Brindle Shoat that return to play to keep you alive early game, and Viscera Seer, Mulldrifter, and Coiling Oracle to dig for more answers or more creatures to again, keep you alive long enough to stabilize.

The 3-off Grim Harvest is all you need as mid/late-game plan as it will give you insane redundancy, something many decks can't beat nor outlast, even if Grim Harvest gets countered you can still get it back into your hand if you have mana, and a creature to sac left.

Something you do need to look out for is the fact that many decks could kill a creature at instant speed forcing you to either pay for harvest, or exile it but as you play more games with this deck it will grow apparent what to do in situations like that.

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Deck discussion for Pauper: Evil Never Dies

Idk, Grim Harvest requires A LOT of mana, especially black mana, not sure the deck is capeable of supplying enough to make it worthed

Posted 14 December 2016 at 17:02


we have 8 black sources, 7 green sources, 5 blue sources, 5 "fetchland" that could fetch any color (thus 13B 12G, 10U) and a lot of card advantage in Mulldrifter and Coiling Oracle. There is enough redundancy fetching and card advantage to get it working.

Posted 14 December 2016 at 17:09


Fair enough, though paying 2-3 black a createre will sting when, and only when, you draw a card that costs black, and due to costing at least 5 mana, whenever you draw something that's a lot of mana, like 4 or 5.
But otherwise yeah, I can see it not being a problem.

Posted 14 December 2016 at 17:16