Pauper: Rainbow-Tribal Delver

by bloodymary on 21 October 2016

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Deck Description

Oi mates me again this time with a new brew.

I really like Domain, but I grew quite bored of Domain Zoo. Thus I experimented with Tribal Flames and a few other Domain cards, and that got me here 5 color, rainbow, control delver. The landbase is quicker than you'll expect, much like Domain Zoo although the main focus is different. Rainbow Delver put's Domain on a backseat and just uses it for an array of answers and the Tribal Flames finisher. All the "fetches" and the Squadron Hawks help you shuffle away your brainstormed and pondered cards.

The strength of this deck is obviously versatility and the "element of surprise" as we pack answers for everything, and have a weirdly out-off-bounds win con most people do not expect the first time around.

The weakness of this deck is surprisingly not bad consistency, rather the lack of actual focus U, UB Delver lists have, and the lack of a real counterspell hurts us in the long game too.

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