Spoil Trix

by Blurrybreeze on 15 August 2009

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Deck Description

Start by casting Barren Glory and then immediately exile it with Oblivion Ring. Then, with Lich's Mirror on the battlefield, cast One With Nothing during the previous player's end step and respond with Spoils of the Vault for a card not in your library. When the smoke clears, you'll have Barren Glory on the battlefield, a life total of 20, and no cards in your hand or library! Use necropotence and yawgmoth when you have enough life to pump out extra cards. Ivory tower helps keep your life up when using these cards. Use the tutors to search your deck for the first stated cards that you need to win the game. Wrath of God and Mortify are your only defenses.

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Deck discussion for Spoil Trix

good combo, bad deck
I didn't think Barren Glory's conditions could ever be met

Posted 15 August 2009 at 14:22


It says you have 0 Demonic Consultation in the deck. That's strange.

Posted 15 August 2009 at 14:37


i was going to add demonic consultation cuz thats what i use becuz i can't afford demonic tutor and its almost the next best thing that i can afford. but since there are people online who have most of the tutors i decided to add it. and if you have any advice on how i can make it better plz do.

Posted 15 August 2009 at 16:32