Destroy the World and Laugh

by CancerDotEXE on 07 January 2020

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Caltrops4x CaltropsArtifact$0.96$2.00$13.60
Darksteel Brute4x Darksteel BruteArtifact$0.20$1.00$3.88
Plague Boiler2x Plague BoilerArtifact$0.22$0.88$5.98
Worldslayer4x WorldslayerArtifact — Equipment$1.96$4.04$13.92
Creepy Doll4x Creepy DollArtifact Creature — Construct$0.60$2.36$19.96
Darksteel Myr4x Darksteel MyrArtifact Creature — Myr $0.60$1.64$6.84
Darksteel Citadel4x Darksteel CitadelArtifact Land$1.20$2.00$8.16
Death Pits of Rath4x Death Pits of RathEnchantment$1.84$2.96$7.96
Rite of Passage4x Rite of PassageEnchantment$3.12$6.00$27.84
Phyrexian Scriptures4x Phyrexian ScripturesEnchantment — Saga$1.20$5.16$27.96
Hunger of the Howlpack4x Hunger of the HowlpackInstant$0.40$1.00$3.92
Diabolic Tutor2x Diabolic TutorSorcery$0.60$2.06$7.54
Forest4x ForestBasic Land — Forest$0.20$1.12$3,999.96
Swamp8x SwampBasic Land — Swamp$0.32$2.24$7,999.92
Jungle Hollow4x Jungle HollowLand$0.28$0.96$10.40