Library of Leng

Artifact {1}

Card Information

Artifact {1}

Card Rules

Skip your discard phase. Whenever a spell or effect forces you to discard a card, you may instead discard that card to the top of your library.

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FourHorsemanGamesLightly Played1$0.85Add To Cart
Game HeckLightly Played1$1.00Add To Cart
Just Games RochesterLightly Played4$1.17Add To Cart
Panzer GamesLightly Played1$1.20Add To Cart
The Warp GateLightly Played1$1.44Add To Cart
Bayside ThriftLightly Played1$1.49Add To Cart
Boss Monster GamesLightly Played1$1.63Add To Cart
Masterpiece GamesLightly Played1$1.65Add To Cart

Card discussion for Library of Leng

Library of Leng + Hive Mind + (Any hand drop card) + Lots of players. Watch them hate you so much.

Posted 17 December 2013 at 11:15


Seems good to me.

Posted 19 December 2013 at 01:31