Path to Exile

Instant {W}

Card Information

Instant {W}

Card Rules

Exile target creature. Its controller may search his or her library for a basic land card, put that card onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle his or her library.

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Path to Exile TCG Player Card Prices

Dark Pariah GamingLightly Played1$2.84Add To Cart
Viking Bulldog GamesLightly Played2$2.84Add To Cart
Garruk GamesLightly Played1$2.86Add To Cart
KozzieleksNear Mint1$3.00Add To Cart
Swirled WorldNear Mint2$3.19Add To Cart
Jesses Card EmpireNear Mint1$3.25Add To Cart
Random Chance GamesNear Mint1$3.25Add To Cart
Card Monster GamesLightly Played1$3.25Add To Cart

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