Shifting Wall

Artifact Creature 0/0, {X}

Shifting Wall TCG Player Card Prices

BaT Comics GamesLightly Played2$0.34Add To Cart
Top Tyr GamesNear Mint3$0.35Add To Cart
The End GamesLightly Played4$0.38Add To Cart
Atomic DreamsLightly Played1$0.39Add To Cart
HouseofCards WinstonLightly Played1$0.40Add To Cart
A Curious MuseumLightly Played4$0.41Add To Cart
Cards by DavesLightly Played4$0.43Add To Cart
Black Dragon GamesNear Mint8$0.44Add To Cart

Shifting Wall Ebay Card Prices

DescriptionTime LeftPriceBidsBuy
SHIFTING WALL Stronghold MTG Artifact Creatur 2d 5h 12m$1.49 Active bidsBid Now
Mtg Stronghold 4x Shifting Walls 3d 20h 59m$2.90 Active bidsBid Now
Shifting Wall Stronghold Near Mint NM MTG Mag 9d 1h 21m$1.25 Active bidsBid Now
1 Shifting Wall ~ Artifact Stronghold Mtg Mag 9d 10h 36m$1.04 Active bidsBid Now
Shifting Wall x2 LP Stronghold 2x Magic the G 10d 15h 1m$2.20 Active bidsBid Now
Shifting Wall Stronghold PLD Artifact Uncommo 12d 18h 3m$1.55 Active bidsBid Now
Shifting Wall KOREAN 1X SP Stronghold MTG Mag 13d 2h 11m$1.72 Active bidsBid Now
1 x Shifting Wall - Stronghold - LP - Magic T 15d 8h 21m$1.99 Active bidsBid Now
1998 Magic: The Gathering - Stronghold Shifti 15d 23h 27m$1.40 Active bidsBid Now
Shifting Wall STH JAPANESE MTG NM,NM- 16d 10h 13m$0.99 Active bidsBid Now
MTG 4X Shifting Wall Stronghold Mp/sp 16d 14h 49m$3.00 Active bidsBid Now
Shifting Wall x4 - Magic the Gathering Mtg Sh 16d 19h 35m$2.96 Active bidsBid Now
Shifting Wall, Heavy Play, English, Stronghol 16d 23h 59m$0.99 Active bidsBid Now
1x Shifting Wall Stronghold MtG Magic Artifac 20d 18h 49m$1.95 Active bidsBid Now
4x Shifting Wall NM-Mint, English Stronghold 20d 22h 54m$4.08 Active bidsBid Now