Spell Crumple

Instant {1}{U}{U}

Card Information

Instant {1}{U}{U}

Card Rules

Counter target spell. If that spell is countered this way, put it on the bottom of its owner's library instead of into that player's graveyard. Put Spell Crumple on the bottom of its owner's library.



  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

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Spell Crumple TCG Player Card Prices

DungeonMastersVaultNear Mint8$0.40Add To Cart
MagicStrongholdLightly Played1$0.46Add To Cart
Brute Force GamesNear Mint8$0.49Add To Cart
ChannelFireballNear Mint6$0.49Add To Cart
Titan Games PRLightly Played1$0.50Add To Cart
Kingdom GeekdomLightly Played1$0.50Add To Cart
adventuresONNear Mint11$0.51Add To Cart
Auggie's GamesLightly Played2$0.54Add To Cart

Spell Crumple Ebay Card Prices

DescriptionTime LeftPriceBidsBuy
MTG Spell Crumple X1 Sp Commander Japanese Fo 1h50m$2.49 Active bidsBid Now
Magic MTG Spell Crumple from Commander set 3 6h11m$1.60 Active bidsBid Now
1x Spell Crumple Light Play, English Commande 7h35m$2.71 Active bidsBid Now
MtG Bant Custom Deck w/ Thrun, Wall of Revere 12h23m$38.50 Active bidsBid Now
1x Spell Crumple - Commander - NM-Mint, Engli 15h20m$3.35 Active bidsBid Now
1x Spell Crumple NM-Mint, English Commander 2 1d 2h 19m$2.91 Active bidsBid Now
Spell Crumple - Spell Ruffle MTG MAGIC Com Co 3d 1h 12m$3.67 Active bidsBid Now
MTG Spell Crumple - Commander, Light Play, En 3d 6h 46m$1.93 Active bidsBid Now
Commander 2011 ** 4x Spell Crumple x4 ** Mtg 4d 21h 5m$4.99 Active bidsBid Now
Magic The Gathering MTG Spell Crumple Command 6d 11h 43m$4.95 Active bidsBid Now
MTG magic cards 1x x1 NM-Mint, English Spell 7d 3h 3m$1.56 Active bidsBid Now
Magic the Gathering - Spell Crumple x 4 MTG C 7d 16h 42m$10.00 Active bidsBid Now
***10x Spell Crumple*** MINT Commander Anthol 8d 11h 43m$4.85 Active bidsBid Now
WOTC MtG Commander Spell Crumple (U) EX 9d 14h 3m$1.49 Active bidsBid Now
Spell Crumple x4 - Commander - 4x - NM 11d 4h 52m$6.99 Active bidsBid Now

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