Legacy Life

by Chiligyro on 05 September 2010

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Deck Description

Infinite Life gain combo deck.

Shaman en-Kor/Nomads en-Kor + Daru Spiritualist/Task Force + Starlit Sanctum/Worthy Cause = infinite life

Living Wish is there to fetch one of the needed combo pieces and Eladamri's Call is also there to get combo pieces.

This deck can win with Test of Endurance, Gaea's Revenge and Storm Herd.

Silence is there to protect the combo or wreck combo opponents. I have considered Orim's Chant, but I have been unable to get them, same goes for the fetch and dual lands, so the deck can of course be optimized.

Suggestions are welcome, I am considering one War Priest of Thune in board as a wish target instead of a needle. Thoughts?

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Deck discussion for Legacy Life

Hey man I absolutely love your decks. I feel you have a very good taste for what goes together and building good combos while still protecting yourself and thinking about the opponent. I'm trying to build a successful combo deck, and I have the idea for the combo, but my execution is just too far off. Could you help me out a bit? It's my leveler deck.

Posted 05 September 2010 at 18:16