EDH: Death From Above (Budget)

by CiaranMadgrin on 13 September 2017

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Deck Description

Is EDH too expensive for you? Wanna play a fun deck that doesn't cost a fortune? Then allow me to introduce you to....Poor Man's EDH. For under $75 you can own a cool, powerful, and fun EDH deck that isn't too limited. Dragon decks in EDH are pretty common in my experience. I've seen a lot of them, and due to this I've been hesistant to ever build a dragon deck for Poor Man's EDH. They're always pricey, the key cards are ridiculously strong, and generally they get targeted in a game pretty quickly. However....I've always wanted to make an Atarka deck. Shes easily my favorite Dragonlord (sorry Kolaghan kind of sucks in my opinion.) So, I stopped avoidin the inevitable and made a Dragon deck for the series. Honestly, I'm surprised we could stay under $75 and still make a strong deck, but apparently a lot of strong Dragons are cheap! So, without any more delay, here's a bunch of stupid bat-winged newts flying around eating people and lighting things on fire. Enjoy!

How to Play

In the lost history of Tarkir, long ago, the khans of Tarkir battled mighty dragons for control of the plane. One of these dragons was Atarka, World Render. Unlike Ojutai, she was not known for her cunning. Unlike Dromoka, she was not known for her endurance. No...Atarka was infamous for her predatory savavgery. As far as Tarkir was concerned, Atarka was primal ferocity incarnate. That is why you have sought her out. You have no need for deception, you have no need for politics, you only need power. As you approach the ancient dragoness, you can feel the ground tremble, a rumbling reminder that even the ground beneath you feared this beast. In an attempt to show your fearless mentality, you roar in her face. She returns the favor, but neither of you back down. With a puff of smoke from her nose, her fellow dragons circle above you both. She has accepted your cause, and now it is time to sho the multiverse the wrath of dragons.

Dragons decks in Commander are revered as some of the most terrifying decks in the format. With more than enough firepower behind their colossal figures, even a single dragon can change the game entirely. Dragons like Hellkite Tyrant are not only huge threats as 5/5 fliers, but can eliminate the rest of the board with a second combat phase, giving you even more damage output in a single turn. Or some Dragons like Steel Hellkite that are Commander staples for being able to wipe an opponent's board after dealing damage to athat opponent. Atarka has a few special dragons from Tarkir she likes to bring into the mix, like Destructor Dragon, which can destroy ANY noncreature permanents, like the Urborg Tomb of Yawgmoth that has been assisting people ramp out black mana left and right, or that Ghostly Prison that has prevented you from devastating a certain opponent. Another fine example of Tarkir dragons with plenty of power is Foe-Razer Regent, which powers up your dragons just fo fighting other creatures and living! With dragons like these in your forces, you will undeniably have a huge impact on any game you play!

To make things even better for your dragons, Atarka herself is not only a dragon, (obviously) but shes a 7 mana 6/4 flier with trample, giving her already plenty of power to work with. Remember, it only takes 21 commander damage to kill of a player, meaning after roughly 4 attacks you can take out a player. Her stats alone don't just show off her savage nature, but so does her ability. Whenever a Dragon attacks, it gets double strike, That's first strike with an extra strike, meaning all your dragons essentially deal double damage. with most dragons rocking 4 or more power, that means everything you have can hit for 8 or more damage every single attack. With just 2 unblocked dragons, you can level a players life total in a matter of seconds. To make matters even more nightmarish for your opponent, Atarka gets this bonus as well, meaning if she hits a player with two unblocked attacks, it's game over. Who needs card advantage when you have a massive power advantage?

Now, the greatest weakness in a Dragon deck is mana. Dragons aren't cheap, they require high amounts of mana to summon, and that can take quite a bit of time normally. Thankfully, Atarka does come with green, THE premier color for mana ramp. And oh boy, can you push out dragons quick. Creatures like Somberwald Sage and Whisperer of the Wilds help by granting you plenty of mana with just a tap, while cards like Farseek and Explosive Vegetation grab you lands to keep the mana flowing. What's better than green mana ramp though? Having to pay less for things you want to cast! Dragonlord Servant and Dragonspeaker Shaman make dragons cost less mana, which means with a good start of ramp, you can push out your dragons as early as turn 4! Everything else in the deck is pretty self explanatory, which is just how Atarka likes it. Even though you deck is straight forward, it doesn't make your deck any less intimidating. Atarka is powerful in her own right, but with all these dragons flying around with her, it's a simple matter of just playing the cards in your hand and attacking to crush any opposition before you.

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