EDH: Shirei's Death Party

by CiaranMadgrin on 12 June 2019

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Deck Description

What do you get with a bunch of black staple Commander cards, a weenie reanimating spirit, some sacrifice outlets, and the 'ol Grave Pact into Rise of the Dark Realms trick? A really weird and dumb deck that revisits what I'm starting to believe is my favorite deck theme in Commander. Once again, it's sacrificing time. Enjoy!

How to Play

Mostly, we're a sacrifice deck. Bunch of stuff to sacrifice off, and a bunch of sacrifice outlets. The trick to this one is our Commander, which much like Ezuri, Claw of Progress is ABSOLUTELY key to our deck. Without Shirei, we are a weird sacrifice deck with far too many weenie cards. Why is it so important? When your 1 power or less creatures die, Shirei brings ALL OF THEM back at the end phase. So....a normal kind of turn is Bloodthrone Vampire sacrificing a few things, Bottle Gnomes sacrificing itself for 3 life, Rogue's Passage the Bloodthrone Vampire for major damage, then watch it all come back. Shirei is essentially the Baron Samedi of Kamigawa, death is a party and everyone is invited! Other than that, it's pretty much standard sacrifice cards for mono black. We do, however, get to play some stranger cards that are quite fun though! Bankrupt in Blood is serious draw power, Barter in Blood is hilariously good, and Killing Wave is a personal favorite.

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  • Commander
  • Sacrifice
  • Reanimator
  • Mono Black

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