Pauper: Volkihar Neonates 2.0

by CiaranMadgrin on 17 September 2020

Main Deck (60 cards)

Sideboard (15 cards)

Sorceries (6)

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Deck Description

Pauper vampires was a blast of a deck to make. I thoroughly enjoyed the aggro power of vampires, and decided it was time to revamp (pun intended) a classic deck of mine. We've focused on what fueled the deck, and decided to go all in on the pure aggression. Enjoy!

How to Play

It's a very simple aggro deck. Drop cheap vampires, attack, and use your non-creatures to further pressure your opponent. We added some interlopers to keep pressure from all angles, and a playset of Vampiric Fury to give us better combat tricks/more finishers. The sideboard has changed to focus tron, affinity, fog, and those darn blue decks.

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  • Pauper
  • Vampire
  • Aggro

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