Typical red deck

by daddymullen on 01 June 2021

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Deck Description

This deck was designed for the purpose of being a complete asshole, if you like me are a dick look no further this should be the one for you.

How to Play

With this deck like many others it's all about waiting for the right moment to strike. Some of the combos in the deck can instantly kill your opponent, so the best way to play is to stay back and wait for those moments even if it gets boring at times, especially in 3 person matches. It's not about the creatures for this deck it's all about the spells the creatures exclusively support the spells.

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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Deck discussion for Typical red deck

Is this deck built for single- or multiplayer games?
"Some of the combos in the deck"... The only "combo" I see would be Underworld Breach+Runaway Steam-Kin+Guttersnipe+a graveyard full of spells, which is a contrast to your strategy of "waiting for the right moment"...which would mean to me that the graveyard won't be as full as you need it. Rather unlikely that you will be able to play this, as your opponents will simply remove one part of the combo or you won't even get all the pieces together. If I've overlooked something (which is rather possible) please explain and add the a description how the combos work into your description.

Posted 12 July 2021 at 08:51


There are a number of users (perhaps the same person) who has been posting "almost decks" for a while which "almost" look like they are decks.

For some time I wondered if someone has been training their chatbot to mingle with magic players because none of the numbers really makes sense.

Usually they also go with the 61 cards in the deck

And too many cards in the sideboard.

Now that it's summer and fewer people are on, it becomes more visible.

Most of the time, whenever a regular in here posts a deck, there's a number of new users that suddenly each posts a number of decks, but it's a long story with many innovations.

My own newest solution is to write in the how to play section about the last 5 decks I've made and what they were about and I link my stuff together.

Another longterm project is to copy/paste references to old fundamental posts in mtgvault written by others than myself. It shows community spirit, it's good stuff, and if the thing catches on it might end up being a sort of community service that all the oldtimers adopt.

I'll post and example in a few seconds.

Here it is...

Our Mtgvault community have a number of past users who have constructed some community tools on how to build up a deck.

And though all of them have some sound advice mentioned in the following posts, I advise you to read them all and to take notes and then doing it in your own way, because in the end you will find your own deckbuilding style.

When you search for them, search for decknames: (or usernames)

How to build a deck
(By muktol)

How to: build mtg deck
(By northernwarlord)

Deck building 101
(By eagleeye058)

How to build a fungus deck
(By theswarmer)


How to use a sideboard
(By burkek)

why you should add description
(By muktol)

If you know of a similar post that I have missed, tell me about it and I'll add it.

If one of these becomes your favorite deckbuilding tool, why not tell anyone about it.
You can always plant a reference or link to these at the bottom of some of the decks you build. By doing so you also help our community to spread its tools.

*** end of example ***

By posting links in our own posts we show goodwill, and I doubt the trolls will mimic this, so people would quickly be able to sift between good and bad users and start following them.

I would have implemented this for a while ago, but I'm caught up in a lot of projects, like my prison series and mill.

I'll make an effort at promoting more community stuff.

So if you have some old social masterpieces you want me to spread, just give me a hint.
I will expand my collection of those.

Also, a fun detail, the trolls rarely read comments but have a tendency to upvote their posts by other accounts, so me and user: alfred had a hobby of spotting possible trolls and then start up a conversation on their page. Usually if there was no response after a few days of talk it sort of stood out that we had marked a troll.

And ironically the trolls sometimes just upvoted the page more so it sort of stood out.

But I've promised not to chase them, so I'm only telling you this once.

Posted 12 July 2021 at 11:37


By the way, could you lend me a helping hand with this one:
It's a pauper deck, so commons only. I've tried some approaches to the mill-strategy using pauper, but have gotten to no result that did what I wanted: survive and mill.

Posted 12 July 2021 at 12:06


Make it public, I'm on a phone and can't use mtgvault links :(

Posted 12 July 2021 at 12:11