Spell Hammer

by Dankirk on 26 May 2021

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Deck Description

Combat effective creatures with some equipment, auras and a bunch of toolbox-y instants to cast with Sunforger.

Resurgence is mainly meant to be used with Efreet Flamepainter. You can cast it again from your graveyard if Flamepainter connects. Resurgence can be put to graveyard with Sunforger for Flamepainter to cast. The extra combats will still work for creatures that already had vigilance like Swiftblade or creatures equipped with Sword of the Realms.

Naya Charm to tap all blockers at opponents end step is quite effective.

Still need the lands...

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  • Midrange
  • Casual
  • Toolbox

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Deck discussion for Spell Hammer

I've been involved in the sunforger draw engine with fervent champion before, so here are two random crazy ideas you can use or discard.

1: noxious revival
It can do four things for you.
A: it can secure the pieces of the draw engine.
B: it can allow you to a really important spell again.
C: it can disrupt an opponents graveyard combo.
D: it can stall/fizzle combo for a turn by putting something on the top after an important scry.

2: phyrexian metamorph:
It can copy pieces of your draw engine, ensuring that it won't fall apart, or you can copy anything usefull that the opponent plays and use it against them.

Posted 14 January 2022 at 21:43


I was thinking about recurring a bit and settled with Naya Charm, since it's other modes are also relevant. Sword of the Realms also has the secondary effect to get back killed creatures.

I'm not sure the copies help here that much. I'd much rather either tutor for more, or well use Naya Charm to return them. That way I don't have too many situation dependent cards on my hands. Copying opponents stuff could be fun though, since the equipment/auras make them better than the originals.

Posted 15 January 2022 at 11:24