by DARKDOOM789 on 12 August 2019

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Deck Description

I used the commander 2019 precon as a foundation for this deck. This deck's playstyle requires the pilot to be patient and wait for opportunities to strike. It's very fun to play however it doesn't have a definitive win condition, so please comment if you have any good ideas for better win condition(s).
Also, the primary upgrades to this deck are intended to allow the deck to play at instant speed while still coming in at a total of around $50 (this was before major price spikes occurred). The sideboard is wish cards/ cards to try.

How to Play

This section should be prefaced with the rules in sections 116 & 707 of MTG rules. The primary purpose of citing the rules is that flipping a morph/ manifest is a special action and cannot be responded to. While your opponents cannot respond to the card being flipped, they can respond to any effects/ abilities that result from the card being flipped as these still use the stack.

The gameplan for this deck is to wait until the last possible moment to react. The deck wants to draw cards and have a lot of interaction.

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  • EDH

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Deck discussion for Jabbawockeez

Might be more f a wish card but Ezuri, claw of progress works really well with the morph/manifest tribal as it will easily gain him a lot of counters quickly if he sticks around for a few turns

Posted 12 September 2019 at 02:32


My playgroup is fine with proxies so I may have to give him a whirl

Posted 23 September 2019 at 16:43