Aggressive Elf Warriors

by DedWards on 29 March 2017

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Deck Description

The current state of my hyper aggressive Elf Warrior deck.

I've managed to knock Kiln Fiend down to 2, preventing from him using Apostle's Blessing to swing for the win. I've also dealt so much damage to Grishoalbrand so quickly that I won 2-1 (he got turn 2 combo on game 2).

*Edit 31 March 2017: Updated the sideboard.

*Edit 29 April 2017:
-4 Twinblade Slasher
+4 Narnam Renegade
-2 Imperious Perfect
+2 Metallic Mimic

How to Play

Play creatures.

In addition to just being efficient creatures for their mana cost, there's a number of interactions between some of them.

> Llanowar Reborn: Gives any one creature a +1/+1 counter. This is best used on Joraga Warcaller, but is good on any creature you want to grant trample to with Bramblewood Paragon's second ability.

> Bramblewood Paragon: Gives all your creatures that enter after her a +1/+1 counter and grants trample to your creatures with a counter on it, regardless of where that counter came from.

> Metallic Mimic: Is Bramblewood Paragon numbers 5 and 6. Almost always choose Elf to boost Warcaller and gain the bonus from Warcaller, but sometimes choose Warrior if you have Bramblewood out to gain the +1/+1 counter.

> Joraga Warcaller: The deck's powerhouse "lord". In addition to its own kicker giving it counters, Metallic Mimic; Bramblewood Paragon; and Llanowar Reborn gives it counters too. But don't be afraid to cast it for {G} to untap Nettle Sentinel in a pinch.

> Dwynen's Elite: With the low cost of most of the creatures in here, you'll almost always get the token. This is made better with Bramblewood Paragon out as you're paying 2 for a 3/3 and a 2/2.

> Nettle Sentinel: by far the most aggressive card in the deck. {G} for a 2/2 with a drawback that's almost nonexistent in this deck is awesome.

> Ezuri, Renegade Leader: This is mostly used for the regeneration effect. I've held off a number of decks via smart blocking and Ezuri's regenerate effect. Also helpful against board sweeps, if you can get him out early enough. Just remember that he can't regenerate himself, but don't tell your opponent that. It's not your fault if the opponent makes a bad play because they didn't read the card.

> Wren's Run Vanquisher: This and Nettle Sentinel are possibly the reason I made this deck. 2 for a 3/3 deathtoucher with an almost nonexistent downside that just gets bolstered by so many things in the deck is insane. Deathtouch + trample is evil, because 1 damage is lethal (deathtouch), the rest goes over. Even indestructible and protection doesn't stop the extra damage because you declare what would be lethal (1 because of deathtouch) and the rest goes over.

> Narnam Renegade: Most of the time the deck is played in the second main phase, partially to bluff pump spells in combat, but also for interactions like untapping Nettle Sentinel, but also on the off chance to get Revolt on this card. The Renegade also benefits from the trample + deathtouch trick.

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Deck discussion for Aggressive Elf Warriors

With that many elves Elvish Archdruid would be an option as would Lead the Stampede. Question is what to remove for it. Personally I would switch Twinblade Slasher for the Archdruid. You get +1/+1 for all you elves and a massive push in mana which can be used to activate Ezuri, Renegade Leader's ability or play Joraga Warcaller. Question is if both those cards aren't too slow.


Posted 29 April 2017 at 16:38


To be honest, I've tried Archdruid in here and in games I drew it, it actually slowed down the deck a bit, probably because it was another creature that didn't attack often in this Aggro build. And Ezuri was added because of the Regeneration ability more than the Overrun ability, so the extra mana becomes less necessary.

As for Joraga Warcaller, the free counters from Bramblewood Paragon and Llanowar Reborn are half the reason he was added in the first place. Plus, I recently test -2 Imperious Perfect, +2 Metallic Mimic, and it was awesome.

I've tested Narnam Renegade in Twinblade Slasher's slot. With the trample from Bramblewood Paragon and Rancor and Narnam Renegade's deathtouch, it proved to be the better 1 drop. In fact, I'll change it in the list now.

As for Lead the Stampede, CoCo could be argued as a better choice, but I don't like either in here. Lead the Stampede will draw me a lot of cards, but that also means I'm not playing permanents. And CoCo means I'm holding up mana to play during the opponent's turn, which also means I'm not playing anything. The deck's strong suit it it's simplicity and synergy.

Posted 29 April 2017 at 18:13