Aggro White

by DedWards on 07 September 2015

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Deck Description

Mono white, Aggro-ish deck for after rotation containing the following Battle for Zendikar cards:

4x Lantern Scout
3x Retreat to Emeria
3x Gidion, Ally of Zendikar

Cool thing about the new Rally ability on Allies: they affect all your creatures, not just the allies you control. So Lantern Scout will grant all the creatures lifelink.

Also, Archangel of Tithes is just broken. It lessens the damage you take by restricting the number of attackers (hello Celestial Flare) and the number of blockers (Celestial Flare and tokens)

Valor in Akros + multiple creatures ETB + Archangel's ability = pain for the opponent

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