Anointed Tokens

by DedWards on 06 October 2017

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Deck Description

My take on WB Tokens for Ixalan Standard.

A lot of people run Oketra the True in WB Tokens, but even though it makes tokens and has double strike, I kind of prefer Bontu the Glorified. I understand Oketra is the better God in WB Tokens, I just like Bontu more.

How to Play

The key cards are Hidden Stockpile which churns out tokens (almost) every turn and Anointed Procession which doubles any and all token production.

Renegade Map helps you make your land drops every turn.

Legion's Landing is a good new addition to BW tokens. I don't care much for it being legendary as it's effectively {W} for a token. Once transformed, which should be easier in BW Tokens than any other deck, it effectively ramps you a land and becomes a second token generating machine. Anointer Priest helps mitigate the life loss.

Yahenni is a beast in here, especially after a Fumigate.

Shefet Dunes helps close the game sooner.

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