Bloodbraid Ponza

by DedWards on 25 January 2020

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Deck Description

I finally got a set of Bloodbraid Elf, so I had to play a Modern Ponza list ASAP. This was the list I played at the last FNM, where I won 4-0 (only 14 people that day, so only 4 rounds).

Round 1 VS Infect (2-1)
Despite having a turn 2 Blood Moon hand, Infect won game 1 by playing Noble Hierarch on turn 1 and having Blossoming Defense for the 1 Lightning Bolt I drew.
Game 2 I had complete control of the game and Inferno Titan won the game.
Game 3 was close. After removing all his creatures pretty easily, Inkmoth Nexus managed to put me on 8 Poison (no Blood Moon in sight) before Bloodbraid Lucked me into a Pillage to kill Inkmoth and turn the game in my favor.

Round 2 VS GB Elves (2-0)
Too many mana dorks to do the lock out of lands play, so mulled to 6 in both games to try get more creature removal, especially to ramp into an early Inferno Titan, to keep the number of elves down.

Round 3 VS WU Control (2-0)
An early Blood Moon in game 1 won me the game. Apparently Control wants its colour mana :P
Game 2, I had a turn 2 Blood Moon returned to may hand by Disperse. I tested the possibility of a counter with a turn 3 Chandra, Torch of Defiance (It resolved) and a turn 4 Stormbreath Dragon. Both Bloodbraid Elves I played Cascaded into Utopia Sprawl, allowing me to monstrous my dragon (along with Chandra's 2 mana ability). Stormbreath Dragon having Protection from White won me game 2.

Round 4 VS Tron (2-1)
This matchup is statistically in my favor, but I've played Ponza long enough to know that the worst hands come at the worst times.
Game 1 I steam rolled Tron with a turn 2 Pillage, turn 3 Pillage, turn 4 Goblin Dark-Dwellers to recast a Pillage... You get the idea.
Game 2 I punted HARD. I kept a hand that had a turn 3 Crumble to Dust. The punt that cost me the game was me targeting Urza's Mine with Crumble to Dust when there was a second Mine in play (I could have targeted the 1 of Urza's Tower in play), and ended up losing the game because of this.
Game 3 I had to mulligan down to 5. The 1st hand had 3 Forests, but a hand full of red cards. The 2nd hand had no lands. At least the 3rd hand had a turn 2 Blood Moon. After a few questionable draws, I ended the game with 2 Goblin Dark-Dwellers, Chandra on 7 loyalty, 2 Utopia Sprawl on a lone Forest, 3 Stomping Ground, a Cinder Glade and 3 Blood Moons (top decks the 2nd Moon, and a Bloodbraid hit the 3rd).

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Deck discussion for Bloodbraid Ponza

Not bad.
Fulminator mage might not be optimal, but he's added aggression as well as a possible land kill. And ha a past with braidy.

Somehow I'm not into the whole ramp + titan and the dwellers. But traditionally I've never favoured a high manacost ;)

Posted 27 October 2020 at 12:42


The mana ramp + mana denial is quite reliable, making these high cmc card pretty good. Dropping an Inferno Titan on turn 3 off Utopia Sprawl + Arbor Elf can be pretty scary for the opponent, especially when you had just cast Blood Moon or a Stone Rain on turn 2 to cut them off the mana they needed to answer the very early 6/6.

Ponza is one of those decks that doesn't seem to be good on paper, but in practice does surprisingly well. At least, that's my experience with the deck.

Not to bash on Fulminator Mage, but I feel the deck's LD hate is good enough. Fulminator is a great card, but the double red requirement isn't that easy to reliably cast on turn 2 with this mana base. The double red is exactly why Ponza runs Stone Rain instead of Molten Rain. Pillage is a special case as it allows for a little flexibility as it can be mainboard artifact hate.

I am looking to get Klothys, God of Destiny to work into this deck.

Posted 29 October 2020 at 14:44


You run blood moon, and has the needed 12 red sources to run a 1rr, so you could test it.
Fixing the mana would be a slight problem ;)

Having permanent cards with two coloured costs forwards your klothys gameplan.
Blood brain is fast paced, so the rest of the deck should follow. Scrapping the big parts of the ramp will speed up the time it takes to get an active god.

If you take a good look at my RW prison you can replace plains with forests, cut one forest add a mountain and you have a lot of ld in the lands.

Posted 29 October 2020 at 16:32