by DedWards on 16 October 2017

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Deck Description

Been playing Shadowverse lately and really enjoying my Daria deck. So I thought I'd try mimicking it in Magic. First task was to find an equivalent to Daria, which brought me to Beldlam Reveler. Now MTG doesn't exactly have an equivalent to Shadowverse's "Spellboost" (which lowers the cost or boosts the effects of specific Runecraft cards), but seeing as Bedlam Reveler has prowess, I figured I'd design this with prowess as my spellboost facsimile.

Cards in sideboard are things considered, but left out for space reasons:
Crash Through - team wide trample on a cantrip.
Magmatic Insight - a means to use unwanted lands, but then I lowered the number of lands.
Crimson Wisps - Expedite 6-8
Peek - Cantrip that lets you look at the opponent's hand. A worse Gitaxian Probe, which is sadly banned.
Unsummon - temporarily removes any targetable threat.
Vapor Snag - Like Unsummon, but with 1 life loss tacked on.
Blistercoil Weird - Another 1 drop with pseudo Prowess. Was a tossup between this and Elusive Spellfist. Spellfist won on its evasiveness.

How to Play

Drop a Prowess creature asap, then use cantrips to boost them before attacking.

Temur Battle Rage is the main win condition, but multiple attacks from Spellfist and Stormchaser, because of their evasion, can also win you games.

With all the cantrips and Bedlam Reveler, you should always have spells to cast and trigger prowess.

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