Dragons From The Snow Lands

by DedWards on 24 July 2019

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Deck Description

Trying to see if I can change my Dragon / Planeswalker deck to incorporate Skred.
The actual deck I have (without all the Snow stuff) can be found here:


How to Play

This is a value based midrange deck that packs quite a hefty punch.

The mana rocks, Coldsteel Heart and Mind Stone, help you play the 4 and 5 mana threats a turn earlier. Coldsteel Heart also adds to the Snow count for Skred and Mind Stone can be sacrificed to draw a card in the late game.

Glorybringer is a great hasting dragon that can take down an opponent's creture on attack.

Stormbreath Dragon is a hasting dragon that dodges most targeted removal of the format. Protection from White stops Path to Exile, it's 5 mana cmc lets it dodge Fatal Push and Abrupt Decay, and its 4 base toughness means a single Lightning Bolt isn't enough.

Thunderbreak Regent punishes the opponent for targeting any of your dragons, though it lacks the haste that the other two dragons have.

Koth is a surprisingly easy Planeswalker to ulti, though don't be afraid to use him to generate a ton of mana, especially to help fuel Stormbreath Dragon's Monstrosity. Koth is also the biggest reason why there's so many Mountains in the deck.

Chandra is very versatile in here. She's a draw engine, ramp, removal, and if you ulti her, a win condition.

And speaking of removal, that's half the reason this deck can do well. Lightning Bolt is removal before it is damage to the opponent, Skred gets better the more Snow permanents are in play, and Angrath's Rampage gets around annoying things like hexproof or indestructible.

Anger of the Gods is mainboard over Dead of Winter as the dragons (and a Koth animated land) can survive the 3 damage. Dead of Winter comes in against things Anger can't kill.

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Deck discussion for Dragons From The Snow Lands

I think the addition of black is genius, well, if you can call a refusal to Blood Moon people on turn 2 genius xD I got bored of that playstyle a long time ago so this is a much welcomed breath of fresh air into the mostly stale state of Skred Red. I also like that Skred is taking a back seat to Lightning Bolt as it is in fact the case that all your creatures fly and hit really hard really fast. Many people wouldn't think about it twice, Skred is afterall ridiculously efficient and always included as a playset in Skred. +1!

Posted 09 September 2019 at 10:28