Elemental Mimic

by DedWards on 04 April 2017

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Deck Description

Had an idea that Mimic Vat could make Ball Lightning / Groundbreaker more broken than they already are. But then I realised that RG doesn't have much love for artifacts, so no reliable way to search for Mimic Vat, so I included Bloodbriar to take advantage of the Elementals sacrificing themselves.

The other Elemental I'm considering for Bloodbriar's spot is Splinterfright, but I'm not sure I like the self mill...

I initially had Incandescent Soulstoke in here, but ultimately cut it for space.

How to Play

Beyond the play creatures and attack part of the deck, I've included two ways to take advantage of the creatures killing themselves: Mimic Vat and Bloodbriar.

Flamekin Harbinger can fetch Bloodbriar if you don't have a Mimic Vat. If you do have a Mimic Vat, it fetches Ball Lightning / Groundbreaker.

I may be wrong here, but from my understanding of the rules, because I control both the token copy from Mimic Vat, and Mimic Vat itself, I get to stack the self sacrifice effect of Ball Lightning (or similar) and Mimic Vat's exile effect on the token in a favourable way. This means, if I'm correct, you can sacrifice the token Ball Lightning to trigger Bloodbriar's ability.

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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