Elf Ball

by DedWards on 29 December 2018

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Deck Description

Been a while since I played Elves in standard and I've seen various builds of "Elfball" floating around. This is me taking the parts I like about the ones I've seen and designing my take on the deck (using what I have access to).

How to Play

Besides the obvious tribal components of "Lord" effects in Elvish Clancaller and Vanquisher's Banner and the classing elf effect of "lots of mana" in Llanowar Elves; Druid of the Cowl; and Marwyn, the Nurturer; this deck wants to be drawing a lot of cards with Beast Whisperer and Vanquisher's Banner to go wide and take advantage of the lord effects and Flourish.

So the idea is to play mana dorks to ramp into the draw and lord effects, then attack with your buff army.

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