Elf Warrior Revolt

by DedWards on 02 March 2018

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Deck Description

With my Elf Warrior deck reaching a semblance of a definitive version, I decided to turn my attention to a new / spin-off Elf Warrior deck that tries to abuse Revolt triggers of two elves.

The "normal" Elf Warrior list can be found here:

Edit 28 May 2018:
-1 Sunblade Elf: I didn't like fetching an untapped Temple to play this on turn 1 vs aggro. Otherwise it's still a strong 1 drop.
-4 Rancor: While a good card, the speed of this coupled with the quantities of removal my opponents have left it feeling week. Also, I often sided it out for Path more than not.
-2 Wooded Foothills: I found I was short of just 1 more land more often than I'd like, so actual lands to draw are important.

+4 Path to Exile: Bringing a card in from sideboard 80+% of the time is a sign that it should be mainboard.
+3 Forest: Not drawing that 3rd land in time hurt a lot, so I'm increasing the chances.

Note 11 June 2018:
Finally organised my last Metallic Mimic and can now test this without substituting cards I don't have. Once I'm happy with the main deck, I'll refine the sideboard.

Note 17 June 2018:
Got to test this fully (no fillers) last FNM (15 June 2018) and came 3rd out of 17. Holds up pretty well against a variety of deck types, but can run out of steam quickly if you're not careful enough or too cautious in some mach ups. Otherwise the speed of the deck is a force to be reckoned with.

How to Play

A lot is the has changed from the previous non-Revolt version of this, except the aggro beat face main plan. There are a number of differences and things to keep in mind:

The biggest difference of the mana base running 6 fetch lands to not only get Revolt triggers on demand for Narnam Renegade and Greenwheel Liberator, but also Dual lands to have a Plains out for Sunblade Elf. And as a result, a lot of self damage, but hopefully you hit hard and fast enough to make this meaningless. Horizon Canopy can also help with the Revolt.

Nettle Sentinel, Narnam Renegade, and Sunblade Elf are all 2 powered creatures for 1 mana.

Greenwheel Liberator and Wren's Run Vanquisher are your biggest beat sticks.

Bramblewood Paragon, Metallic Mimic, and Joraga Warcaller are your lords. Where possible, Metallic should be played before anything else (bar your turn 1 2/X) and almost always calling Elf. Bramblewood is arguably the most important lord because she gives trample. Joraga Warcaller benefits greatly from all the free +1/+1 counters. Gavony Township also helps some here.

Dwynen's Elite works especially well with the lords above and another reason why "Elf" should be the choice for Metallic Mimic. Elite also helps repopulate after a Wrath.

Path to Exile not only deals with threats too big to bash your elves into, it also stops some creature based strategies or clears the path to push more damage through.

The sideboard is a work in progress and probably won't fit your meta anyway as I'm gearing it towards my club's meta.

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Deck discussion for Elf Warrior Revolt

add collected company, cavern of souls
side take mana tie out and add damping sphire

Posted 12 June 2018 at 13:20


Maybe because I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but I get the feeling Coco might slow this deck down a smidgen. Especially since I can't pinpoint what would need to be removed for it as each of the cards are pretty strong in their own rights. Don't get me wrong, Coco is a very strong card, just not sure I have space for it.

I would add Cavern, but that price tag would kill my wallet.

Like I said, Sideboard is under construction. Sphere is a shoe in for sure, when I get around to editing it.

Posted 12 June 2018 at 14:58