Elves be Warriors too

by DedWards on 31 July 2018

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Deck Description

Yet another version of my elf warrior deck.

Everyone was going crazy about Clancaller finally being the 2 mana elf Lord we've been asking for, but I'd like to point out that we've had Bramblewood Paragon for a long time and there's a decent number of Elves that are warriors too, so imo, it counts.

Been working on this deck for years and it has seen many variations, even spawning offshoots like this Revolt based variation:

How to Play

Agrro deck mentality. Play creatures and attack with them.

However, there are a few interactions to keep in mind:

Metallic Mimic should call Elf 99% of the time to take advantage of Joraga Warcaller's anthem effect and to give all Elves a +1/+1 counter, including Steel Leaf Champion. Also, when possible, play Mimic before Bramblewood.

Nettle Sentinel untaps when you play a green spell, so think carefully about the order of casting your spells when Nettle is involved.

Joraga Warcaller can easily be a 1 mana lord in the mid game. Bramblewood, Mimic, and Llanowar Reborn can all give alfree +1/+1 counters to him.

Only 3 Steel Leaf Champion for a number of reasons. Only 21 lands in the deck and it isn't a Warrior are the main 2 reasons, but it's too good not to include.

Wren's Run Vanquisher needs an elf in hand to be good. Mimic is not an elf when in hand.

Why Llanowar Reborn instead of Oran-Rief, the Vastwood? While both enter tapped, Oran-Rief isn't as optimal in practice. With so few lands, the Graft not requiring the land to be tapped is important. You can also get immediate value out of Reborn.

Thorn Lieutenant is the new card to be tested. Will almost never use the 6 mana activated ability, but the triggerd ability helps keep bodies on the board.

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Deck discussion for Elves be Warriors too

I like it . What about an Imperious Perfect in place of the Thorn Lieutenant and Metallic Mimic? Adding some Llanowar Elves vs the Nettle Sentinel. With a splash of Elvish Vanguard.

This is the elf deck I'm running at the moment.

Posted 07 October 2018 at 20:10