Fear the Real Estate

by DedWards on 04 October 2018

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Deck Description

Land ramp deck aiming to animate lands with Sylvan Awakening and untapping them with Rallying Roar. Multani is the other win condition.

Other cards I'm considering:
Thunderherd Migration: Potentially cheap, and decent ramp.
Grow from the Ashes: Kicker makes this appealing.
Circuitous Route: 4 to fetch two lands. Makes adding a few Gates viable.
Llanowar Scout: Doubles up on Swordtooth's role.
Elvish Rejuvenator: Ramp that leaves a body behind.

How to Play

Main idea is to ramp into as many lands as possible (minim 6),animate them with Sylvan Awakening, then pump and untap them with Rallying Roar. Then swing with an army of 3/3 lands (and whatever else is out).

Multani can get very big with all the ramp, and often doesn't stay dead for too long.

Ranging Raptors ramps whenever it blocks, becomes blocked, or otherwise takes damage.

Wayward Swordtooth allows for multiple land drops a turn, making cards like Flower much better.

Commune with Dinosaurs either fetches a land or one of the Dinos.

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  • Standard
  • Ramp
  • Lands
  • animate

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