Fungal Spores

by DedWards on 17 January 2017

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Deck Description

Rough idea for a Fungus / Saproling Pauper deck.

How to Play

The goal is to survive long enough to swarm the opponent with Saprolings.

Essence Warden gains life whenever a creature enters the battlefield. I chose her over the white soul sisters so that she can be used to pay the green part of the convoke cards.

The fungi pop out a Saproling every 3 turns. Sporoloth Ancient speeds this up to every 2 turns. Pallid Mycoderm helps keep most creatures alive vs damage effects.

While Scatter the Seeds is a good, once off, three Saprolings; Sprout Swarm will be cast the most, thanks to Convoke working on the final cost (this includes the Buyback cost).

Veteran Armorer helps protect the Swarm against damage based effects. Was going to use Lumithread Field, but Veteran Armorer can be used for convoke.

Fists of Ironwood was included as a 2 mana for 2 Saprolings. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  • Pauper
  • Saproling
  • Token
  • Fungus
  • Selesnya
  • GW

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

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