General Ferrous's Initiative

by DedWards on 27 May 2021

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Deck Description

The General is one of the payoffs for all the multicolor cards, with Glass of the Guildpact and Legion's Initiative being the other payoffs.

This idea was born of wanting to see what other dual colour decks I can design in a similar way to my Selesnya Wilt-Leaf Liege deck.

How to Play

Play multicolored creatures.
Pump them with Anthem effects.

Glass of the Guildpact and Legion's Initiative give the deck a total of eight 2 mana Anthems. I could have used Honor of the Pure in place of Glass, but Glass being an Artifact and not an Enchantment might be important in some match-ups.

General Ferrous Rokiric from Modern Horizons 2 may be the one card that can make this deck significantly more competitive. With the exception of Glass of the Guildpact, every nonland card in the deck will make a Golem.

Having trample makes Venerable Warsinger a fairly important piece. The bigger it gets from the Anthems, the bigger creatures it can reanimate.

Tajic, Legion's Edge helps keep the team alive.

Boros Reckoner and Blade Historian makes blocks difficult for the opponent, especially if there are some Anthems in play.

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  • Multicolor
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Deck discussion for General Ferrous's Initiative

Boros Reckoner is also very good on the defense if paired with a few other first strike creatures.
In my current research of my RW prison I have had some nice games where thalia and Reckoner held back any chance of a counterattack.

Posted 28 May 2021 at 23:51