Ghalta, Simic Huger

by DedWards on 09 March 2018

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Deck Description

Deck based around getting out Ghulta reliably early.

Enemy Dual Check lands confirmed to be reprinted in Dominaria, so Hinterland Harbor is going to be Standard legal with the release of Dominaria.

How to Play

I realised there's an interesting connection between Ghalta's cost reduction and Cultivator's Caravan. The Caravan is not only a mana rock, it can reduce Ghalta's cost byat least 8 (5+3 from being crewed), and then tap for one of the {G} required. Thats 9 of the 12 required, and since you needed 3 to cast the Caravan, having the 12 is easy.

One possible scenario:
Turn 1: land, Commune with Dinosaurs
Turn 2: land, Drover of the Mighty
Turn 3: land, Cultivator's Caravan
Turn 4: Wayward Swordtooth, crew, tap caravan, Ghalta

The blue cards:
Trophy Mage is in here for one reason: fetch Cultivator's Caravan.
Opt is another turn one option if Commune with Dinosaurs isn't in hand.
Negate: Need to counter that removal. don't want all the hard work getting Ghalta out going to waste.

The green cards:
Commune with Dinosaurs is a green way to "fetch" Ghalta. It also helps hit land drops.
Drover of the Mighty is not only a mana dork, it gets bigger if you control a Dino, reducing Ghalta's cost even more.
Ranging Raptors is just a source of mana ramp. Sadly can't crew the Caravan on its own.
Thrashing Brontodon is a 3 mana 3/4 and is mainboard artifact and enchantment hate that can crew Cultivator's Caravan.
Wayward Swordtooth and Cultivator's Caravan are the best cost reducers for Ghalta.

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